Your skin may develop breakouts, pimples, and dryness if dead skin cells and dirt accumulate there. We exfoliate to get rid of it all, which is why. With waxing, all of this is taken care of for you throughout the procedure. The region that has been waxed is left feeling smooth, radiant, clean, and fresh.

To heal, renew, rebalance, and soothe worn-out, stressed-out, and dull-looking skin, Kaya Elements has developed an organic and medically engineered resurfacing peel that combines powerful elements of papaya, pineapple, pumpkin, and mango. This peel doesn't include chemicals, making it ideal for sensitive, irritated, and imbalanced skin. Pregnant women can also benefit from it. 

At Kaya Elements, we provide waxing at:-
Face waxing with eyebrows at $35
Eyebrow at $15
Lip at $10
Chin at $10
Sidewax at $12
Neck at $10
Full leg at $60
Arm waxing at $35
Underarm waxing at $25
Lower leg waxing at $3
Upper thigh at $35
Bikini Waxing at $50
Brazilian waxing at $80
Buttocks waxing at $55
Stomach waxing at $25
Full front with Stomach $50
Back waxing at $50
Shoulder waxing at $10

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