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Kansa facial

Eraser for fine lines and wrinkles. It is also known that copper rich surfaces are unfriendly to harmful microbes, which means the Kansa wand is very cleansing for the skin. They are also completely safe on people who have pacemakers.

 What is Kansa wand massage and why is it beneficial? Massage is classed as "passive exercise" It promotes overall well being, rest and relaxation. Micro particles of copper are known to support healthy collagen (the material that supports the good tone and vibrancy of the skin.) Combine these two facts and you have a very powerful treatment for both mind and body. Kansa Treatments can soften lines, "lift" skin (dark circles) and de-puff eyes. Massaging the face with the wand can revitalize complexion by increasing blood circulation. The oxygen from increased circulation allows the skin to release toxins and calms inflammation (making it especially beneficial for irritated skin after shaving). Improved circulation from regular massages can make skin look brighter and more awake. Facial massages can also reduce swelling and aid drainage, which can make skin appear tighter. Massage is attributed to assist the skin to absorb beneficial ingredients from our lotions and serums.


 Price : $85


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